The Paris Party Dress

Pleats, pockets, and options to make it a dress or separates, where do I sign up?


I recently tested another sewing pattern and this time it was for Rebecca and the team over at Mummykins and Me and the pattern is called The Paris Party dress.  Despite the name, this pattern can actually be made as a separate top and skirt which is the version I did.  Another bonus is this pattern comes in both ladies and children’s sizes, so if you love Mommy and Me sets then this pattern will certainly appeal to you.

Options seem to be endless with The Paris Party Dress.  Neckline options include scoop neck as well as boat neck in cap, short, 3/4, and long sleeve lengths.  The bodice can also be made crop length, but don’t worry, the skirt includes a high waistband option to minimize the amount of skin showing.  Skirt length can be above knee, below knee, or tea length.  There is also an add-on pack with instructions for doing a lace overlay on the bodice, gathered sleeves, elastic waist in the back versus pleats all the way around.  Whew, I think I covered most of it.  I told you there was a lot packed into this pattern 🙂

Ok so on to the fun stuff.  As I said earlier, I did separates and sewed up a cap sleeved crop top and fully pleated skirt in above knee length with the high waistband.  For the top I used brushed poly fabric from Pretty Posh Prints and the skirt is a scuba knit from Knitpop.  In case you are wondering, my tights came from Target and the shoes are Nine West but I’ve had them for ages and don’t remember the style name.


In this particular photo you can clearly see that my top is the cropped version of the bodice.  I made sure to pose so you could see it better :).  Now let me say that this body carried 3 babies in under 21 months (twins then a singleton) and my tummy is far from flat.  In fact I have a spare tire around my midsection but that’s another post for another day.  All that to say, I confidently wear this crop top with no reservations.  It is paired with the higher waistband on the skirt so most of the time you see little to no midriff skin at all.  Construction on the top is pretty straight forward.  Front back, sleeves, and neckband.  I did have to do a full bust adjustment but next go round I think I need to add more length to my neckband.  I didn’t notice until I was editing photos that it has a gathered/elastic look on the neckband instead of laying flat.


Pleats!!!!  I love pleats, mainly because my waist measurement is a size smaller than my hip measurements and doing pleats is a nice way to accent my slightly smaller waist and highlight my child-bearing hips.  The pattern originally has the pleats go down another inch or so but since I was using this scuba fabric and wanted it to poof out a bit more, I just didn’t stitch down as far.  Overall I absolutely adore this skirt and how it is constructed.  The pattern is constructed so that you have a clean finish inside and out.  The waistband is actually attached to the inside first and then folded over and topstiched.  That way your pleats are even more secure and lay nice and flat.  The waistband also has interfacing so that it holds it shape.


Pockets!  If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you know that I love me some pockets.  And yes this pattern includes inseam pockets.  I love sticking my hands in the pockets and doing a little twirl.  I used my serger for most of the construction but if you don’t have a serger or prefer using your sewing machine, there are some great instructions for doing french seams on the pockets to really give them a nice clean finish.  That is one thing I can say that sets Mummykins and Me patterns apart.  The patterns include great tips on how to do clean finishes on the insides.  I’ve picked up some great tips while sewing up these patterns.


The skirt has a zipper and button closure. But if you look closely you will notice that I actually used snaps.  I didn’t have the correct size buttons and since I was a little short on time, I used snaps instead.  They work great and I think at least one other tester used snaps as well.  I just added a bit more interfacing to that area of the waistband.  The instructions have you do a lapped zipper and then the opposite side waistband overlaps so it keeps the top of the zipper hidden.  Again a nice little touch to give a beautiful finish.  Also I haven’t done a zipper in ages, so if anyone knows of a machine that automatically inserts zippers then please let me know.


I really like how this outfit turned out and it is certainly a pattern that I would recommend.  It has a number of options that offer different looks, especially with 2 neckline options and various sleeve lengths.  You get a lot with this one pattern and I do plan to make at least one more as soon as I decide on fabric.

If you would like to purchase a copy of The Paris Party Dress, the Ladies version can be found here , the children’s version here, or the bundle set here.  It’s available for purchase at an amazing price but if you join the Facebook group, you may just find a coupon code if you check the pinned post.

I hope you enjoyed my post.  You can also check out blog posts from some of the other testers.  See Valerie’s write up here and Emily’s can be found here.


*This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation when you purchase via my link.  There is no cost to you.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own.  Thank you for helping this work at home Mom.*


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