Ocean Themed Fabric

I’m not sure when I took my first trip to the ocean, but growing up in eastern NC, it was only about a 2 hour drive away.  We would often take a day trip down to one of the beaches and I would happily build sand castles and occasionally run out to the water and jump waves.  Now I didn’t learn how to swim until I was in college but I never feared the water.  I saw it as something to be respected and as long I kept in mind how powerful the water could be then I had nothing to worry about.  Plus the sounds of waves crashing, sea gulls overhead, and the salt air….ahhhh I’m ready to head to the coast now.

That being said, you can only imagine how excited I was when I got a chance to sew up some Ocean themed fabric from Zenith and Quasar.  There are several prints offered in the ocean round and I was able to get strike offs of diatoms, rainbow scales, coral, and some sea dragons.  I love the variety of prints offered and the hardest part was deciding what to make.

It’s no secret that I love a good raglan.  This time I went with the Nancy Raglan from 5 out of 4 patterns.  I love how the sleeves are a bit wider across the back so that the body of the shirt is slimmer.  To me it makes it more feminine.    Here is a close up view of the diatoms fabric that I used for the sleeves and neckband on my raglan.  The body of the shirt is a heathered athletic brushed poly.  I think the color was labeled violet.


Here my oldest daughter is wearing the coral print fabric.  I made the Maggie peplum top from Love Notions and went with the color blocked princess bodice version.  I used a bright pink cotton lycra to help bring out the pink in the coral print and made a pair of leggings to match.


My son got a Jolly Roger Raglan from Patterns for Pirates.  For his top I got to use both sea dragons as well as bit of carta marina that I was able to get a hold of.  These two prints went really well together without competing.  The neutral color of the waves in the dragon print bring a nice balance.  Here is he wearing it with dark denim jeans but he can also wear it with denim shorts or even khakis and it would look great.


This rainbow mermaid print was amazing.  The colors were so bright and vibrant.  I really wanted to keep it for myself but I couldn’t leave baby girl out.  I made her some adorable Bonny leggings from Made for Mermaids and added a vinyl design from Thread and Grain to her bodysuit.  At the rate she is growing I know she won’t be able to wear these for long but….. I already have an idea for how to upcycle the fabric.


I told y’all I really wanted the fabric for myself but I settled for the next best thing.  I had a scrap piece that was just large enough to do some colorblocking on these leggings.



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